Punishment Park

August 21, 2020

Johnny Ma Studios
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7:00 pm
August 21, 2020
Johnny Ma Studios

Screening No. 2

Tickets cost $14.99

Directed by Peter Watkins

91 minutes long


1970. The Nixon administration declares a state of emergency against any citizens they declare transgressive. Due to the sheer quantity of detainees, tribunals have been set up to dole out a most cruel and unusual punishment – PUNISHMENT PARKS.

Sponsored by Gage Roads!

Trigger Warning:

Including an exclusive Video Introduction by Peter Watkins!


The Black Maria Film Collective presents a most timely and all-too-real film approved and introduced by master filmmaker Peter Watkins. We invite you to join us for a special screening of a stark allegory for contemporary politics and an underrated classic from the American underground.

As per the Australian health department's advice, we will be following COVID safe procedures until phase 5 is passed.

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