Men in Black

April 1, 2021

Johnny Ma Studios
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6:00 pm
April 1, 2021
Johnny Ma Studios

Screening No. 6

Tickets cost $16

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

98 minutes long


Will Smith plays a New York undercover cop who gets recruited by a secret organization called the 'Men in Black', who keep the existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms unknown to the public at large, even as these aliens freely commute and live on Earth. Before long, Agents J (Smith) and his partner K (Tommy Lee Jones) find themselves having to prevent an intergalactic alien war.

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Trigger Warning: None

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Black Maria Film Collective proudly starts its annual tradition of April Fools screenings with the 90s sci-fi classic, 'Men in Black'!

No words can describe 1997's 'Men in Black', but boy-oh-boy, we DO love this film.

So come along for a jovial, easy-going evening on Thursday, April 1. Doors open at 6, and feel free to mingle before the main feature. Come dressed as a Man in Black or one of Rick Baker's kooky aliens - best costume gets a prize...a copy of 'Men in Black' on 4K UHD Blu Ray and a nice print of the Black Maria event poster!

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